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Borealis Broadband owns and operates a completely independent Wireless Broadband network in Anchorage and in rural areas.  Our network has been delivering high quality wireless communication services since 1997 and continues to deliver outstanding speed, reliability and quality for our customers.

For Your Business   For Your Home
We offer Broadband Internet and Local-Loop data communication services as well as wireless engineering, network engineering and IT Consulting services.  Symmetric Bandwidth is standard with Borealis and necessary for your business.  Tell me more...   We offer high quality Broadband Internet service throughout Anchorage.  Unlike other providers, we deliver the same speed to or from your home, according to your service level.  Don't get cheated on bandwidth - get Borealis Broadband Internet service.  Tell me more...



For Your Village   Consulting & Engineering
We also have Internet Broadband solutions for your village or other rural locations.  We have village-scale solutions that are remarkably affordable and will bring your rural location into the Internet mainstream almost overnight with a high speed local loop infrastructure included..   Tell me more...   Custom solutions are provided through our  Consulting & Engineering services.  We can provide Desktop or Network Engineering support or Wireless Engineering services.  If you're thinking about high-speed wireless connections, you should be thinking of us!    Tell me more...

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