Ship Creek Bridge



This camera is located at the 4th Avenue Marketplace complex, sitting on top of the Alaska Experience Theater building and faces north toward the Ship Creek Industrial area. 


Visible in the foreground is C Street, southbound.  The cross street running east and west is 3rd Avenue.  In the center of the image is the Ship Creek Bridge, which continues north toward the Port of Anchorage (to the left) and the Government Hill neighborhood (to the top right).  Just to the right of the center of the picture you can see where A street (northbound) and C street (southbound) converge on the bridge itself.


Slightly above the center of the image you can also see the Alaska Railroad's rail yard. 


In front of the yard, but not visible in this picture, is Ship Creek.  This is one of Anchorage's most popular sports fishing spots, where you can reel in trophy-caliber King (Chinook) Salmon right in the middle of an industrial zone.  Imagine walking just a few dozen yards out of your workplace, dropping a line in the water and catching your evening meal before you head home.  That's Alaska!

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Camera provided by TecPro